Volunteer @ AMASE

AMASE (Academy of Music and Arts for Special Education) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, faith-based organization that provides music and art education to individuals with special needs. For more information on who we are, check here: About Us

Application open March 15th-April 30th: Google Form

Volunteer Program Description

Our volunteers work with students with special needs who are ranging in age from 5 to 35+ years old. Students are typically on the autism spectrum, although some have other disabilities. Each student is paired with one to two volunteers in a “buddy system” depending on the class(es) they attend.

Time Commitment

We meet twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays at Valley Church in Cupertino, CA. Volunteers typically come for one class per week though they can come for all four classes if they wish!

The time commitment is 1.5 hours during a typical week, and we meet for around 13 weeks in our fall semester (September~December), 13-16 weeks in our spring semester (January~May) and 1 week in the summer (August). Our volunteers typically stay at AMASE until they graduate from high school.

Volunteers are also expected to participate in our Christmas and Gala Concerts/Exhibitions, which are on Saturday afternoons, as well as other minor events throughout the year such as volunteer trainings, workshops, worship nights, and mini concerts.

Depending on the class, the volunteer may be expected to participate in several other events (for example, performing with local choirs/orchestras or hanging art pieces in an exhibition).

Art Volunteers

Art volunteers come at 4:30 PM to prepare for art class, which is from 5:00-6:00 PM. There are around 10 classrooms total made up of 5-10 students each. Art classes are headed by professional, experienced art teachers as well as volunteer leaders. More information about our art program can be found here: AMASE Art Program

Music Volunteers

Music volunteers come at 5:30 PM to prepare for music class, which is from 6:00-7:00 PM. There are around 10 classrooms total made up of 10-15 students each. Music classes are headed by professional, experienced music teachers as well as volunteer leaders. More information about our music program can be found here: AMASE Music Program

Other Areas

High-schoolers interested in serving in other areas are encouraged to use the application to indicate their interests in the “Other” section. We offer opportunities in the Media Team, administration, outreach, and Discovery class. Those without music and art experience are still welcome to apply for music and art class.

Adult Volunteers

College students and professionals are encouraged to volunteer at AMASE through administration, outreach, and even teaching. All of our teachers are adult volunteers with experience in art, music, or special education. Please email us at volunteer@amase.us if you are interested in serving as an adult volunteer.

Faith-Based Organization

We accept volunteers, as well as students, from all ethnic and religious backgrounds. Since we are a Christian organization, we do ask that volunteers come to AMASE respectful of our faith-related practices, but do not require volunteers to participate in activities that may cause them any discomfort.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding volunteering, please contact us at volunteer@amase.us